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Entry #1

Im new

2010-06-28 23:52:15 by plumer222

I just made a newgrounds!


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2010-06-29 00:06:51

Good for you. If you decide to do flash, lurk on newgrounds or quit is simply your desicion. Dont let peoples negative comments get to you because no matter what you do someone will always hate. And so welcome to ng and good luck.

plumer222 responds:



2010-06-29 02:08:10

I was planning on being a total asshole and flaming you, but MoomooDan has inspired me to be kind and helpful to you, new user. Instead of scaring users away with my trolling, I will help them.

First of all, yes, you DID indeed just make a thread, and Rig locked it, because in all fairness, it was a pointless thread. But keep posting on the BBS. In good time, you and your posting will become more mature and funny.

You may submit flash, audio, and art to this website as well. That's what makes it so great! Soon, there will be a Literature portal for you to submit to as well. You can play other peoples games, view their movies, listen to their music, and admire their art, and even leave reviews on their games, movies, music, and art.

Be sure to read the rules (located in the FAQ, above the Games and Movies buttons) before you do something new, to make sure that you don't violate any rules. The rules here are very liberal, and easy to follow, but it helps to know them. Soon, there will be a chat system coming out, but it will take time for the Admins to program all of it. There are several other unofficial chatrooms on the site, however, so enjoy those for now.

Welcome to Newgrounds, plummer222, have a damn good time while you're here!

plumer222 responds:

thanks alot!!,and iv requested a signiture about how long do they take to be made?


2010-06-29 03:46:17

you are the funniest person ever...I love you


2010-06-29 10:59:56

If you requested it in the NG Sig Makers thread, it should be done in a few days, but when you request one, be sure to specify on exactly what it is that you want to be in your Sig. Also, if you click on the My Account button, just below your Inbox, you can make your own Sig with pictures on your computer. You can also write text and even include links in your Sig.

plumer222 responds:

i requested my sig and it came in 4 hrs!!


2010-07-03 16:09:23

Yeah, they come pretty fast (no pun intended). So yeah, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

plumer222 responds:

is all the art on ng made with photoshop?